First Responder Law

The firm has over 30 years of experience in defense of Florida Statute 112.18 claims, more commonly known as Florida's Heart/Lung Bill. This statutory provision applies to claims brought by first responders, police officers and correctional officers, for injury related to hypertension and cardiac conditions. Under Florida Law these classifications of employees are clothed with a presumption that the development of hypertension or coronary artery disease, including heart attacks during the course of their employment, are related to the employment.

Defending such claims requires a very high level of expertise due to the complex medical and legal issues that are involved. Moreover, because these claims create a presumption of compensability, the Employer/Carrier is charged with moving forward with the burden of proof in their effort to rebut this legal presumption.

These claims require extensive discovery, along with a specialized knowledge of this area of the law and the area of medicine pertaining to these claims.

Our firm has been very successful in defending governmental entities in these types of claims. Due to our extensive experience in this area of the law and in medicine, we are able to review these claims and fully advise our clients as to the viability of defending Florida Statute 112.18 presumption claims.

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